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Success Rate

Till today our rate of success is 95%. The reason for this is we always take a new case with minute care and studying all aspects of success for the potential applicant for each and every application for permanent residence.


We Offer No Visa No Fees

We at Tirupati Immigration Inc. take your immigration application only if we are sure for the success of your application.

The meaning of our “No Visa - No Fees” means, We at Tirupati Immigration Inc. include 100% money back guarantee if we don't get you success in Immigrating Canada.


We give money back guarantee in writing, so there are no conflicts after if by any means case is rejected but it never happened in our work history.

Tirupati Immigration Inc. will be in agreement to process your application only if we are of the view that it will be successful. We do not charge any fees or payment from any client if we experience that the application carries a risk or will be failed. Our agreement is our promise to you.


The 3 most important reasons where we will not refund professional fees paid to Tirupati Immigration Inc. are as follows :


In the case the client:

Misrepresents any details or material information or certification, which will be the primary cause and disqualify him or her for Canadian Immigration.
Fails in the medical or police / security verification conducted by Canadian government with respect to his or her application for permanent residence in Canada.
Decides to withdraw his or her application after retaining our services.


Other than the above, should Canadian Immigration Authorities reject an application, we guarantee to refund the professional fees paid to our firm in full.