Client’s Review

“The overall service provided by Tirupati Immigration Inc. was satisfactory and all the queries and doubts were handled efficiently by the team.”
– Govindbhai Patel
“My experience with Tirupati Immigration Inc. was excellent. I applied for Canada Visitor visa. The services provided here is quick and accurate. The staff is also very humble.”
– Narendra Patel
“I came to Tirupati Immigration Inc. through my friend’s suggestion and my experience was really great. I had applied with my whole family, me, my wife and young daughter and I granted visa for 2 months with my family, It’s really unexpected. We were provided interview preparation in a really detailed manner which was really helpful to us.”
– Dhiraj Savla
“I applied for visitor visa of Australia. I got visa with my family. The staff is very updated of rules & regulations it really helped to getting visa with me and my two children. so, I refer Tirupati Immigration Inc. service to my friends & family.”
– Avani Vyas
“USA has the practical exams conducted for medicine line. I have to opt for those visa from USA. They made me prepared and confident for the interview. And hurray ! Now my all dreams would come true.”
– Mashruti Maharaul
“UK visa always seek for the perfectness and proper documentation. Tirupati guided us the best for the same. All the documentation were up to the mark and very accurate. We at this young age got the visa for the UK and will make our dream come true to visit this Country. An accurate visa guidance from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. Thank you very much.”
– Abhijit Jadeja
“The services rendered by Tirupati Immigration Inc. is very professional and satisfactory. The staff is also competent, friendly and co-operative. I would always like to refer Tirupati others.”
– Rupande Gandhi
“Very informative, very good communication, very nice service and very co- operative. I am very much satisfied with Tirupati Immigration Inc.. We are lucky to have our visitor visa which was possible from this organization.”
– Hashmukh Patel
“A very good visa guidance and documentation. I was able to get the UK Visa easily. Thank you very much Tirupati Immigration Inc. for your support and advice. Always would be obliged.” 
– Veenaben Shah
“We had applied through Tirupati Immigration Inc. for USA Visitor Visa and we had received excellent services from them. Due to systematic file preparation our visa got approved for 10 years.”
– Manhar Patel
“I and my wife had applied from Tirupati Immigration Inc. for visitor visa to Canada. We got very good response every time we come. We are quite satisfied with the services available here. We got our visitor visa and we are very thankful for the same.”
– Vikesh Patel
“At par excellence. Best service received from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. Would recommend always to proceed with the organization. Would always be guided correctly.”
– Govindbhai Chauhan
“We had applied for Visitor Visa from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. We got a good response from here. We have filed twice from another Visa Agent for Visitor Visa. We were rejected twice but from here with proper guidance and documentation we got the visa in first attempt.”
– Pinakin Soni
“I got visitor visa for UK for which Tirupati Immigration Inc. has given me best services, as they are one of the best in Gujarat. It is possible for me now to visit my brother after many years & see country like UK.”
– Mittal Prajapati
“I got a Family Visa for USA in spite of being rejected twice. We approached Tirupati Immigration Inc. for getting visa to USA as a family. My daughter Priya was disappointed, as we were not getting visa, But due to perfect presentation of file from Tirupati Immigration Inc. we succeed to get visa. Many thanks to Tirupati Immigration Inc. to make my daughter smile.”
– Balmukund Vyas
“I got rejection for Canada Visitor Visa from another consultant then I approached Tirupati Immigration Inc. for the next time. It was fortunate for me to visit this firm as I got the Visa done successfully. I got the best advice, easy counseling & best services here.”
– Govindbhai Patel
“My Son-In-Law was in ICU and it was very important for me to go to USA. Due to technical problems, the site for USA was shut down for 6 days. In spite of this, Tirupati Immigration Inc. managed to get me the emergency appointment from the Consulate. They helped me to get the tickets as well as overseas insurance and within 10 days, I could fly to USA. Thanks to Tirupati Immigration Inc. !!!!”
– Bhupedra Shah
“I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to Tirupati Immigration Inc. team for making our dream come true to visit in Australia. We would truly recommend Tirupati Immigration Inc. to anyone planning to move to Australia. We are extremely grateful to the team for all the support and expertise which has always been offered.”
– Swati Vasava
“At very young age, I was not at all confident that will be given visitor visa for country like USA. It was only possible with the guidance of Tirupati Immigration Inc. that today at the age of 21, I am holding visitor visa for 10 years.”
– Shailja Bhatt
“Our excitement started from the time when the application was forwarded. And we were thrilled and happy to see the email from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. Thank you Tirupati Immigration Inc. for the great support. During our search for Immigration consultants we found numerous consultants but we felt Tirupati Immigration Inc. as the most reliable and professional team in every step of the process.”
– Sudhir Shejwalkar
“I got Australia Visitor Visa for my family and me from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. It was a good experience getting visa from Tirupati Immigration Inc. as they gave us up to date information. They guided us regarding the documentations requirement as my case was bit difficult with Canada’s three times rejection.”
 – Asuj Patel
“I would like to say that Tirupati Immigration Inc. provides best visa consultancy services and is the best visa consultant in Gujarat. They are prompt and their experts guided me in the best possible way.”
– Chetan Panchal
“I got Visitor Visa from Tirupati Immigration Inc.. I was fortunate to visit this firm as guided properly. The documentation work and presentation of file is really appreciated.”
– Kiritkumar Patel
“Many thanks to Tirupati Immigration Inc. for getting me the Visa. It is one of the best consultancies who guides us properly and help to understand the process easily…”
– Pramod Nanavaty