There Are Two Main Categories Of U.S. Visas :

Nonimmigrant visa
For temporary visits such as for tourism, business, work or studying. The most common non-immigrant visa is the multiple-purpose B-1/B-2 visa, also known as the “visa for temporary visitors for business or pleasure.” Visa applicants sometimes receive either a B-1 (temporary visitor for business) or a B-2 (temporary visitor for pleasure) visa, if their reason for travel is specific enough that the consular officer does not feel they qualify for combined B-1/B-2 status

Immigrant visa
For people wanting to be permanent residents in the United States without any time limitation. In order to immigrate, one should either have an immigrant visa or have a dual intent visa, which is one that is compatible with making a concurrent application for permanent resident status (Green Card), or having an intention to apply for permanent residence.

USA Visitor Visa (B2 Visa)

The “visitor” visa is a nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for pleasure, visiting relatives or children or friends, or for medical treatment (B-2), or combination of business and pleasures both (B-1/B-2) purposes.

B2 Visitor Visa, Us Travel visa Qualification

How to qualify for USA Visitor Visa : If the purpose of your trip to visit USA for a short duration for pleasure, tourism, meeting relatives, family or friend the visitor visa, B2 visa is the right visa for you.

The U.S. consular officer decides if the applicant is eligible to enter the United States or not. The following is the qualification criteria by which the consular will grant the visitor visa.

A Visa applicant must demonstrate that:

  • The purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.
  • That they plan to remain for a specific and limited period.
  • Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States;
  • Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad; and
  • That they have a residence outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties which will insure their return abroad at the end of the visit.

Your Trip Can Be Sponsored

Sponsored Trip:

Your trip/ visa can be sponsored. Applicant’s child or relatives lies in USA, they can sponsor the visa for the applicant. A sponsorship can helpful in case the applicant doesn’t have sufficient funds/financial to support the expensive trip to USA. A sponsored trip is usually positive for parents visiting child or relative in America.

Who can sponsor:
Any US based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, relatives, and friends. Sponsor should provide affidavit of support (form I134), affirming that to take the liabilities of expenses required for applicant’s trip.
Sponsoring does not guarantee the visa grant. Individual applying for visa must meet the specific criteria, set for US visitor visa.

Self Sponsored:
You can be a self sponsor for your trip. You must have sufficient funds and proof of financial capability that can justify your trip expenses.

USA Visitor Visa Application Fee

In India, the visitor visa fee can be paid only at an authorized HDFC bank branch. Pay the Visa Application Fee and VFS Service Charges at any of the designated HDFC Bank branches in India. You will need to submit a clear photocopy of the first page (bio-page) of your current passport to the bank when making your payment. The bank will issue you multiple copies of a visa fee receipt with a 10-digit barcode number. You will need the HDFC fee receipt barcode number to schedule your interview appointment. Please note, you are required to wait 24 hours from the date of purchase of your visa fee receipt before you can use it to schedule your interview appointment.

Depending on the type of US visa you are applying for, the visa fee may be different.
Following is the fee structure for non-immigrant visas. All fees are non-refundable. US Dollar exchange rate 1 USD = 64.46 INR as of 13th April, 2017

Visitor Visa (also known as B2 Visa or Tourist Visa)$ 160₹ 11,200

The fee is payable in cash or by DD/HDFC Bank check favoring “HDFC Bank a/c US Embassy”. The fee must be paid at one of the authorized HDFC Bank branches in India.

USA Visitor Visa Interview Appointment

A prior appointment is a must to appear for the interview.
Visa interview appointment is required for those planning to obtain a visitor visa to USA.

Visitor Visa FAQ

Yes you can apply, the process is the same the only difference is that you won’t be submitting any sponsor related documents. A strong financial backing supported by last few years Original Tax return papers, and deposit/passbook is most important.

Single Entry Visa is good for one time entry in USA. Multiple Visa Entry visa allows a person to go and come back to USA on the same visa based on permissible time frame.

No. the 10 years means the visa is good for 10 years, but each visit stay will be determine and govern by the I-94, at the Port of Entry in USA and generally cannot be more than Six months.

As a sponsor you should send the document to the applicant, and let applicant should carry those documents to the consulate for the interview purpose.

If it is a sponsored trip, a moderate balance should be good enough. Show at least some money to demonstrate that you are in financially good condition and can manage general expenses related to trip. More balance is always good

For self sponsored trip funds and a sound bank balance is certainly an important factor.
If it is a leisure/tourism trip, you must have enough money to justify that you can afford your trip to USA. Including to and fro ticket fare, domestic expenses, lodging, boarding, shopping, medical insurance etc. considering the purpose and length of the trip. For example a 15 days trip to US for an individual may cost $5,000 to $10,000 (in thousand US dollars). So you should have equivalent amount of currency in your bank. More balance is good.